EVOLVE by InMode

LESS FAT. MORE YOU. Fat Loss & Body Contouring

Evolve is a customizable hands-ree body remodeling, muscle toning & cellulite treatments device. There is no other device in the market that offers full-body contouring benefits in a single platform, meaning clients with all different kinds of body concerns can find a solution that helps them achieve their body goals, no matter what specific body concern they might be struggling with.

The EVOLVE device offers three different treatment options.


Leverages clinically proven bipolar radiofrequency energy to remodel skin and improve its appearance, making the skin tighter and firmer. Distinct applicators can be sued on the arms, thighs, abdomen, or buttocks; some clients may wish to have all of these areas treated at the same time. A single EVOLVE TITE treatment will last between 30 minutes to 60 minutes. Most clients will receive a maximum of six treatments, spaced out over six weeks.

Evolve by inmode


Uses vacuum-assisted radiofrequency energy, targeting both cellulite as well as subcutaneous fat. The hands-free applicators can be used along the abdomen, flanks, back, legs, thighs, arms, and buttocks. The treatment takes 15-minutes to treat each area. For most clients, we recommend weekly treatments for six weeks.
Evolve Trim Butocks


Uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to induce involuntary muscle contractions. It is a quick and easy alternative to surgical procedures for achieving sculpted muscles. Generally, our clients receive EVOLVE TONE along their abdomen, flanks, arms, and buttocks. A single treatment takes somewhere between 30 and 45 minutes. For maximum results, we recommend to most of our clients six treatments for six weeks.
Evolve trim multiple points


Evolve is a safe and effective treatment that delivers exceptional results. During treatments, the body’s temperature is constantly monitored, with real-time updates on the skin’s temperature at any time during the procedures.
Evolve’s hands-free design and programmable technology make it an ideal social distancing treatment due to the significant reduction in patient-physician face-to-face contact during the procedure. It is designed with a Patient Call Button so you can easily pause your treatment at any time and have clinic staff make adjustments to ensure your comfort.