LED Light Therapy

Infrared treatment sessions aim to stimulate the metabolism and improve circulation, as well as help with cell regeneration.

LED Light Therapy

  • Rejuvenation LED Light $34.99
  • Rejuvenation LED Light pkg of 3 treatments for $99.00
  • Rejuvenation LED Light pkg of 10 treatments for $300
  • Add EMS (electric muscle stimulation) toning for full Skin & Rejuvenation session for $75

During the 30-minute treatment, patients lie comfortably beneath the infrared spa capsule that works to rejuvenate the skin and body, improve oxygen absorption and circulation, stimulate the metabolism, and balance the acidity and alkalinity.

Phototherapy works to help with cell regeneration and diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration.

Rejuv Spa Capsule

rejuv machine